Sunday, August 5, 2012

When visiting Orlando/Kissimmee during our summer months May through the end of September be prepared to sweat. It can be hot, especially in the mornings. Dress accordingly, but be prepared for rain. When the day heats up, its common for storm clouds to gather. Rides will close during rain storms, but have patience. The storms move through and the rides open back up. Now it is more humid than you can imagine, so it seems even hotter than before. Like a steam bath.....

It's not uncommon to see families leave after a few hours in the morning and then come back in the early evening and stay till closing.

It's still worth the heat though.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Even before becoming parents, we visited Disney World several times staying in hotels and condo's while there.  On our last 3 vacations to the Kissimmee/Orlando area we rented a vacation home through  After we rented our first home, we realized it was the perfect way for us to do Disney. 

Our last rentals pool

Most of the vacation rentals have enclosed private swimming pools, which are great to relax in after a full day of walking around the parks.  Another advantage to having a home to relax in, is not having to eat out every single meal. Eating out really gets old, even for a mom after a few days.

The cost for a week in one of these homes has been anywhere from $800 - $1300 per week. Some of the homes are owned by Americans and some are owned by Europeans.  All are managed by a local company that is responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of the home.

Hogwarts School in Disney World

The homes are stocked with any kitchen supply you might need, except for food. All of your linens and towels are provided as well. They will also leave a roll of toilet paper in each bathroom to get you started and a trash bag or two.